Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Public Domain -- Copy Freely

These Dictionary topics are from W.E. Vine's M.A., Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words published in 1940 and without copyright.

The current format has been designed for programatic reference, placing 50 topics in a file, preceeding each topic with $$topic_number and surrounding the topic name with back-slashes. Within each topic (prior to next $$t marker) there are one to many Greek word entries surrounded by '<' and '>'. The format of the information between '<' and '>' is:

<usage-increment,[use],strong's-number ... ,greek-word ...>

Where:Usage-increment is the order of the word within the topic. In the case there are multiple uses (noun, verb, etc.) the usage-increment begins with an alpha character which increments with each type of use, and a numeric for each use within that type of use. When there is no alternate types of use, this field will contain only a numeric increment. (See the printed Vine's which this method replicates).
Use of the word (noun, verb, etc.). This field is optional.
Strong's number of the greek word. There may be more than one number in this field.
Greek word under discussion. There may be more than one word in this field.
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